Running Vagrant VM

The Vagrant VM distribution of RV-Match is the preferred method for running RV-Match on Windows and Mac OS X. It contains a Linux virtual machine with the Linux version of RV-Match, with full library support.

Setting up Vagrant VM

Before you setup Vagrant VM, you need to install VirtualBox, Git, and Vagrant:

  1. Download and install Virtualbox.
  2. If you are on Windows, download and install Git for Windows. You must select the “use Git and optional Unix tools from the Windows Command Line” option during installation. Restart any command prompt windows and make sure running ssh works and prints usage information.
  3. Download and install Vagrant. If you use a package manager, make sure your version is at least 1.5.2 (or install from the website).

To setup Vagrant VM, please follow the following steps:

First, open terminal (on Windows, open Git Bash program), then run the following commands:

$ mkdir rv-match-vagrant           # Make a directory named as rv-match-vagrant
                                   # You can give it another name if you like.
$ cd rv-match-vagrant              # Go to that directory
$ vagrant init                     # Init Vagrant project
$ vagrant box add ubuntu/xenial64  # Install Ubuntu 16.04 box

This will place a Vagrantfile in your current directory.

Next, open the Vagrantfile generated from the previous step with your favorite editor, change the line = "base" to = "ubuntu/xenial64". Then run the following commands:

$ vagrant up                       # Create Vagrant VM
$ vagrant ssh                      # SSH to Vagrant VM
                                   # You can then run commands in Vagrant VM

You can then run vagrant ssh in that directory any time to connect to the Vagrant VM.

To destroy the Vagrant VM, simply run vagrant destroy in that directory.

For more information on advanced Vagrant options and configuration, see here.


If Vagrant gives a host error in Virtualbox, make sure hardware virtualization is enabled in the BIOS, and that Virtualbox is able to start a machine with 4 cores. If this doesn’t work, please contact our support.

Installing RV-Match in Vagrant VM

First, run vagrant ssh in rv-match-vagrant directory that you created in previous section to connect to our Vagrant VM. Then run the following commands to install RV-Match:

# Install Java 8:
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk -y

# Download and run the RV-Match installer
$ curl -o match-install.jar
$ sudo java -jar match-install.jar -console

Follow the instructions of installer to finish the installation. After that, simply run kcc from that environment to compile programs.

To upgrade the RV-Match, download and run the installer again.

Please see /opt/rv-match/ for more information on using RV-Match.

If you have any issues with RV-Match licensing in your corporate environment, please contact support for troubleshooting or instructions on installing offline.